Export rose from $30,000 to

Client JinyoungLDM

JinyoungLDM's strong technology, excellent products
combined with RGB Communications's effective global
marketing have helped JinyoungLDM become a global company.

total design solution

Combined with strong technology, excellent products and effective
global marketing, it has become a global enterprise

Jinyoung LDM Global Markerting Director
Increase Revenue 0%
brand awareness
Increase export share 0%
Expand access to
emerging markets
  • JinyoungLDM Eco-friendly deco sheet and furniture
    EDGE professional company
  • SITE www.jyp21.co.kr
  • 2021 Trade Day Top Award for $10 million in exports / Trade Association
  • 2020 Global Strong Small Business Selection / Ministry of SMEs and Startups Certification of excellent job creation companies / Incheon City FTA certification (China, EU, ASEAN, India) / Customs Service Trade Day Top Award for $3 Million in Exports / Trade Association


  • 01 Customers have difficulty
    recognizing the product
    Visual Design Simple and intuitive
    visual effects
  • 02 Lack of quality
    publicity materials
    High Quality Simple and intuitive
    visual effects
  • 03 Lack of multilingual
    design promotion material
    Global Possible to export to
    different countries
  • 04 Lack of multiple forms of
    promotion material
    Contents Provide high
    quality content

Creating content together

Homepage, Smart Product catalog, PR moive, SNS Marketing, IR, Sample book

Solution 1 Interactive E-Catalog

JinyoungLDM's products can effectively convey product features
in the form of a visual showroom. Can be linked to the web, the usage is high.

Interactive Design

Solution 2 Responsive Homepage

By using computer graphics to display product features,
it is suitable for various sizes of equipment.

Solution 3 PR Movie

Introducing the technology or products more three-dimensional and effective,
it can be used in all kinds of propaganda scenes flexibly.


Solution 4 Sample book design

In order to help customers understand product features more clearly and
improve the convenience of offline promotion, we design and develope
sample books that can help actually touching different products.

Solution 5 SNS Marketing

SNS promotion based on design and development,
to provide company personality and increase exposure of enterprise information.


  • Exposure 336,163
  • Likes 4,541
  • Reach 330,247
  • Click 31,817