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RGB Communications is a professional creative design company with extensive experience and capability in editorial design, graphic design, network or mobile, multimedia and other fields. Start from the heart of carrying customers, and communicate with customers, through high-quality design experts to move customers.



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Beginning in the field of editing/graphic design, RGB Communicationscommunications has built trust with leading companies for more than 18 years based on clear customer needs through communication with customers. Grow with clients as a comprehensive solution design agency by tailoring effective and differentiated designs for the ever-changing marketing market.

In order to continue to grow together with customers in all aspects from strategic planning to design and marketing, we have participated in government support projects such as export vouchers. As a participating company for more than 10 years, we have been selected as a power execution company and has been recognized by customers. We develop a phase by phase plan in line with each phase, in order to enhance its value to provide comprehensive design consulting services.


The ultimate goal of RGB Communications is to provide practical design services that can help clients grow in the global market and increase actual sales. Optimize each stage, use expertise and RGB Communications unique experience to provide customers with new business growth solutions. Design with a unified concept, through the integration of design strategies across media, to provide solutions to increase value for client companies.

Our Capability RGB Communications is based on editorial design, providing creative designs that cover the entire range of corporate communications, such as brand identity and packaging, responsive websites and promotional videos. From the beginning of the project, based on the design plan through the various stages of the process of perfect management design quality.
Even if the design fits the marketing strategy and plan, we must ensure the quality and completeness of the final product. We strive to provide customers with perfect design results with high satisfaction through before service and RGB‘s unique design quality management service.