If RGB's high quality
integrated design
meets SNS marketing?

SEO SNS marketing

Why Choose us?

This is a service that optimizes the website to expose it
to the top of Google search engine, and achieves low-cost
and high-efficiency marketing effect through SNS design such as
posters, card news and title advertisements.

SEARCH ENGINE Effective Result
Marketing Improve
brand trust
Efficiency Low cost
Synergy Trendy

SNS(Social Networking Service) Marketing SNS marketing

It's an online marketing method that uses interactive and
influential social media to spread the word about a company
or product and get them ranked higher in search engines.

Social media
SNS advertising
Blog agency-operation

SEO & SNS Marketing Marketing service process

  • SEO
    Search engine login support
    SNS login support
    Insight into pages and
    analyse advertising effectiveness
  • Website optimization SNS posting Advertising
    Structure and programming optimization,
    content optimization, website optimization,
    search engine optimization
    SNS posting Advertising Operation
  • Select keywords Operating channels
    Analyze competitors' meta tags and keywords,
    investigate key keywords and come up with
    final startegy plans and keywords
    Upload and manage content
  • Optimization strategy Make content
    Grasp customer demand,
    set up the best strategy
    for search engine marketing
    Customized content planning
    and production (card news, etc.)
  • Website analysis Enterprise analysis
    Master customer's website structure and
    content programming elements,
    analyze access paths and links
    Enterprise environment and
    demand analysis Market Research
    (competitive company analysis)