Online Marketing Service


Good Design

What is Online-marketing?

It is a marketing service that optimizes the search engine to expose the site to the top of the portal, and achieves a high-efficiency marketing effect at low cost through an effective design suitable for it.

EFFECTGet efficient and reliable effect through SEO !

  • Increase
    brand credibility
  • Low cost and
    high efficiency
  • High
    conversion rate


Increase marketing effect
with sensory homepage design
and search engine marketing!
With design suitable
for global trend and
keyword exposure,
appeal to customers!
Whenever whereever!
The synergy effect is
increased with the
design optimized for
the medium!
  • SEO
  • Online Advertising

Search Engine Optimization

STANDARD (6 month)

This is a service that helps your company's content to be exposed to the top when browsing a website. We provide the best services to maximize corporate profits based on strategic skills and experiences such as site analysis, operation, and management.

PREMIUM (6 month)

We provide more professional technology and solid and in-depth service on the basis of STANDARD service. It covers a wide variety of tasks such as big data analysis, website ranking management, and web traffic monitoring reports.

Process Summary Request process STANDARD PREMIUM
Inside and outside Environmental analysis 01 Site analysis, keyword research, competitor analysis, etc. to grasp all the status. Analysis of search results page (ranking, competitors, etc.)
Search affinity analysis
Keyword status analysis (relevance, search volume, competition, etc.)
Strategy derivation and consulting 02 Establish a keyword strategy, determine target keywords, and plan a website structure strategy. Establish keyword strategy and determine target keywords
Targeting (country, language, search engine)
Website structure/content strategy derivation and application design
Application of internal elements 03 Internal optimization applies elements for search engine optimization within the site. Structure/technology optimization (navigation schema, link structure, source code, site map, etc.)
Content optimization (text elements, meta, links, alt text, keyword focus, etc.)
External element applied 01 External optimization is a step toward increasing the popularity of your site online. Registered over 140 global secondary search engines and industrial sites
Links outside related sites
Spreading SNS such as Google+, Twitter, and Facebook
Monitoring and quality control01 It constantly monitors traffic sources and responds to changes in search engine algorithms. Registration and link status monitoring
Monthly log analysis
Before/After fluctuation numerical analysis and final report

Online Advertising

Optimized online advertising suitable for the characteristics of each country, differentiated
strategies for each medium, and trendy advertising know-how through monitoring.
Based on the most effective and economical online advertising direction.

Google Keyword AD

The advantage is the clear advertising effect
using Google, which has more than 90% of the
world's search share.

  • Search Ad
  • Ad text

GDN Google Display Network

Targeting can be a reasonable solution for
securing inflows because it avoids useless exposure
and has a low click price and a wide reach.

  • Search Ad
  • Ad Text
  • Ad Banner


You can get the maximum advertising
effect at the lowest cost, and it creates
tremendous traffic and regular customers.
※ System advertisement execution
(job, category, age, etc. can be set)

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

SNS Operating agency

Discovery of potential customers through
social media operation and brand exposure
through continuous content diffusion
※ Facebook and Instagram operation agency

  • Facebook
  • Instagram